Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yea I did read We Make the Road By Walking, but I think I would’ve approached the book different if the cover looked like the one you posted a picture of. It really looks like they are about to get in an old man fight.

Every time I hear you say "didactic" I always think about the dialectic, which is a thought process I subscribe to. So from here on I am going to just say "teaching" or something similar.

The book did have a very profound impact on me as well. Something I think a lot about is site specificity, and the ways Miles Horton and Paulo Freire impacted specific cultures is inspiring to me. They talk a lot about listening as a form of pedagogy, and that seems like a great way to start a class. Sometimes when I take a class it seems like I have to learn a whole new way of living my life, and it is just a way to side track everything that important to me. It doesn’t make sense.

Right now I am taking a theory class and everyone is very interested in what is going on--and feel like they have to be because they are in the class. Right before we all went to the panel discussion at SF MoMA a few people were scared that they couldn't compare to the students in the other programs who might have more of a theoretical backing. I got really upset with them because they had forgotten about all the other things they were good at besides for theory, but because we were in a theory class the real world no longer mattered. We couldn't talk about Social Practice because we couldn’t articulate it through theory--that is ridiculous.

Obviously that example is very biased, but I kind of feel like the subject of "theory" plays into how I feel about classes where memorization is the only process taken. When there is no connection to the subject matter, there will probably be no intake beyond whatever test needs to be passed. If the subject matter is determined by the students' interests, more people will participate with the ideas being thrown around--and the teacher will begin to understand how different their ideas are from what other people think.

You said that through your beer events you are trying to teach people how to use leisure as another thing in their lives, and I would have to say that the events have defiantly helped me with that. I like thinking that when I am bored in class, it is a sign that I am wasting my time--but you are saying that boredom is a good thing, and to realize it is happening is probably the best thing I have realized.

So what are some of your ideas of new blog titles? We are running out of time, better change it quick!

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