Saturday, March 7, 2009

How To Deal With The Apocalypse

Last night you and I watched The Watchmen together. You really disliked the movie but I thought it was very good. I understand that they exploited violence and sex to sell the movie, and that the acting was comic-book cheesy, but I thought that there were some really great things happening. A lot of what we saw was how humanity can be extremely violent and it was at times very disgusting. However we have sympathy for everyone when we find out that many of the people in major cities around the world are going to be blown up.

I was telling you about how I want more post-apocalyptic movies to show us how the world is rebuilt rather than showing just the destruction of the world or the search for meaning afterward. The reality of the situation is that if the world goes through some devastation, the survivors will need to rebuild and come together as a community. In The Watchmen we see in the last couple minutes of the movie that there is a new type of peace around the world, and that not even the newspapers have any crime to report. While this may be a little over the top, I think the movie raises interesting questions about war and the value of human life.

I sometimes see our (both yours and mine) art projects as offering an alternative to the state of the world that we live in. Yours for example offers a model of generosity, human interaction and human-effort-exchange where capitalism and monetary-exchange proliferates. As for my work, I attempt to help people see the value in building relationships in my beer projects and in other projects I offer individual-scale counseling, consulting, and teaching. The Cornell Daily Sun blog recently reviewed my blog saying that what I offer a post-apocalyptic world (and even this current reality with the screwed-up economy) is information on how to take it easy, relax, and enjoy what's in front of you. I thought that was nice. They also said that I tell people to sit back and get smashed...I don't think I tell people that, but it was still a nice review.

I was curious if you agree with me on my assessment of our art projects?
Also, in relation to my beerandscifi review, I'm curious to know if you have beer experiences that have helped you understand things in life.

I hope this all made sense.

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