Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well Eric, you caught me a little off guard with the women's restroom documentation--glad you had a reason for being in there after all.

At the end of your last post you mentioned the possibility of taking a job where your creativity could be used to help the company, do you think a teaching position would fall under this category?

The state issued art fund tax is an intriguing one, and one I thought about a lot before ever knowing other countries were doing this on a national level. The way I thought about it was similar to the 1% for the arts fund that comes out of large scale construction jobs, and how that could be taken down to a smaller level of the individual. My thinking about this came when my brother's in-law family all decided to buy a very large plot of land to develop into a family neighborhood. They also set a mandate to only allow houses over 4000sq ft to be built there. So we are looking at a very expensive neighborhood that is made cheaper because all of the family members will be doing a lot of the construction themselves. When I heard about all of the massive houses that would be built, which none of the families could fill up, I proposed to them that I would make a piece of public art if they set up a 1% for the arts fund. The piece of art would be a wind turbine that would help provide energy for the little neighborhood pool, and the households; a piece of art that would pay itself off. They did not go for this, but I still like the example because it goes to show you that there are places all over where artists can insert themselves, and potentially do large scale projects. It seems more valuable to think about this scale rather than a national scale, especially with the economy as it is. What do you think?

The development process alone was very expensive, and they made a mandate that all house

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